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Signia Xperience

The world’s first hearing aids with integrated acoustic-motion sensors

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We help people with hearing problems !


We offer to our customers a wide range of digital Behind The Ear (BTE) and In The Ear (ITE) hearing aids in different levels of performance and prices.
Hearing Aid fitting according to each persons hearing loss.
In The Ear Hearing Aid manufacturing.
Sold Hearing Aids warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repair. Making individual ear molds.
Making individual ear molds for swimming. 
Individual ear molds for sound monitor connection.
Audiological equipment sales, service and repair
For our customers convenience, we depart with our service to the largest Latvian cities.

If necessary, we are providing our service in client home.


A little bit about us:

Our company employees are experienced workers with previous long-term (already 20 years) experience with hearing aids. Our team works with both technical service and hearing acoustics engineers and customer service professionals. Our technical staff have undergone training at the hearing aids and also at the Audiological equipment manufacturers. We have mastered the course of audiology and hearing aid acoustics, and the latest hearing aid programming software, therefore, can provide an accurate hearing aidfitting (adjustment) foreach individual customer hearing loss, and provide quality service and repair of the hearing aids for the shortest possible time. Every year we are taking participate in the manufacturers annual training courses.

Signia Xperience Pure X

First HA on the market with built in acoustic motion sensor.

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Signia Nx

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Rechargeable hearing aids

Signia is an absolute leader in the design and development of rechargeable hearing aids. Rechargeable Styletto is unique in design, with ear receiver (Pure series) and conventional earpiece (Motion).

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Latest technologies in hearing aids

We had a quest-TV program "Dzīvīte". We shared experiences and new developments in hearing aid technology and how to use them. The latest models of hearing aids are phone compatible, capable of recognizing the own voice, and feature a built-in acoustic motion sensor to help the hearing aid adapt to specific life situations.

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