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XCEL , the new generation of BestSoun Technology, is made for accelerated acceptance. Its three key features work harmoniously to deliver the perfect balance between Sound Quality and Audibility. The result : maximum spontaneus acceptance and long-term listening satisfaction.

Three features are XCEL-Amp; XCEL-Fit; XCEL -View.
XCEL-Amplifier is bulid with an enhanced compression sistem with two kneepoints and two compression ratios. XCEL-Amp offers more flexibility in maximizing residual hearing. In this way, it improves speech understanding while preserving the customers preferred Sound Quality.  

XCEL-Fit. This is the first fitting algoritm that combines psycho-acoustic models for effective Audibility as well as Sound Quality. It provides target amplification that contributes to speech inteligibility. Thus, XCEL-Fit ensures a great first experience with hearing instruments.
XCEL is aveilable with the MOTION and PURE hearing instruments as well as the brand new ECLIPSE-the first DeepFit CIC from SIEMENS.                                       

Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. At summer 2010 has announced a new hearing aid product line based on the company’s BestSound Technology. The platform is a suite of device features which include SpeechFocus, FeedbackStopper and SoundLearning 2.0. Speechfocus uses directional microphone technology to boost the sound coming from directions where speech is detected. FeedbackStopper suppresses feedback whistling by using acoustic fingerprinting to identify feedback signal and shifting the signal frequency to break the feedback loop. SoundLearning learns the wearer’s preferences and automatically adjusts the device’s settings according to the current listening situation. The features are implemented in the Pure, Life and Motion range of products.


BestSound Technology™ – a new dimension in hearing instrument technology.   

Siemens is the industry leader not only in terms of the number of innovations, but also because these innovations have directly and effectively addressed the requirements of people with hearing loss. The number one requirement of the people who wear our products is Better Hearing. However, any means of improving hearing must come with good Sound Comfort. This is to ensure that patients effectively use the hearing instruments throughout the day to take the full advantage of them.

Unfortunately, in many cases, Hearing (maximizing audibility) and Comfort are not always supportive of each other. In order to find the optimum balance between Better Hearing and Sound Comfort, one must take into account each patient’s individual preferences and needs. The new BestSound™ Technology offers — in addition to a host of proven features — three new technologies designed to meet these specific requirements: SpeechFocus, FeedbackStopper, and SoundLearning™ 2.0.

  • SpeechFocus was developed to foster Better Hearing. It continuously analyzes the environment for the most favorable speech-to-noise ratio, and automatically selects the microphone configuration which has the potential to offer the best speech intelligibility for the user, regardless of whether speech is coming from the front, behind, or the side.
  • FeedbackStopper facilitates the optimum Sound Comfort. This technology achieves effective feedback suppression by combining the proven Acoustic Fingerprint Technology with a new Transient Frequency Shift, eliminating feedback before it is even noticed by the user.
  • SoundLearning 2.0 is the most sophisticated learning algorithm on the market which best adapts to the user’s Individuality. Automatically steered by an intelligent acoustic situation detector, SoundLearning 2.0 allows the user to teach preferred gain, compression, and frequency shape independently for various acoustic situations. 


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