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The first completely waterproof, up to 1m under water, hearing aid AQUARIS is made by Siemens, for active people and lets you actively enjoy the life with out limits and dont afrayd sudden rain or even swimming.

Innovative Aquaris™ is so much more than just a waterproof hearing aid: it’s one with maximum performance. Featuring BestSound™ Technology from Siemens, it provides incomparable sound clarity and excellent hearing comfort in every situation from a fast-paced tennis match to an important meeting.
Completely sealed housing shell and battery door. You will need custom-made soft ear mold for swimming, to protect water get into the ear and via ear in the hearing aid.


  Waterptoof, it means not  only splash proof. Housing of AQUARIS is designed like bottle in which are placed all electronic parts, with hermetic cork (in this case-batterie door with silicone seal). Completely sealed housing shell and battery door means, that thera are no any control on the AQUARIS housing.  This Hearing Aid working with BEST SOUNT TECHNOLOGY sound proccessor and  latest wireless technologies, there fore, You can use wireless enhancement systems TEK and MiniTEK  to control Your AQUARIS, choise listening programms and connect  mobile phone or home audio sistem to Your Hearing Aid.
AQUARIS as well is sweet and dust resistant, can be used with attachable sport clip, to enjoy  life with out limits.


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