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Sivantos -SIGNIA- Siemens

Our main business partner and supplier of hearing aids is the company SIVANTOS with brand SIGNIA




Company SIVANTOS manufactures a full range of Hearing Aids-both, in the power and dimensions, and  in the level of technology, including the smallest hearing aids, which rather looks like the decor, rather than a hearing aid. Technology in terms of the level-starting with the two channel  ''digitrim ''  type Hearing Aids and ending with forty eight channel instruments, that are able not only to analyze and summarize data about the acoustic situations in which the Hearing Aids are used, but also automatically adapts to this situation. In addition, the right and left ear HA make it at the same time, advance mutually communicating with each other through wireless technology.

Since reorganizations in SIEMENS Hearing Aid departament in the year 2015, new company SIVANTOS is maintaining all the SIEMENS group brands SIEMENS, A&M, AUDIO SERVICE, REXTON, as well as Audibene and Hear USA, and created they own new brand SIGNIA.

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