Behind The Ear BTE

Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids are the longest known and most common type of hearing aids. Historically, their dimensions, design, sound processing, and functional capabilities have changed according with today's technology, but the basic principle remains the same: A hearing aid that includes a microphone, a sound processor, an amplifier, a loudspeaker, and a earhook is placed behind the ear. Sund  from the hearing aid passed through the sound tube and earpiece (earmould), which we make for each customer individually according to the shape of his ear.


The main advantage of such devices is their stability and easy every day use. Similarly, such devices typically use a larger size battery, which will result in a longer lifetime compared to In The Ear (ITE) or open ear devices, which typically use smaller size batteries. The range of models of the BTE Hearing Aids is very wide, both in power and technical sophistication, so the BTE HA can be adapted to virtually any hearing loss. SIVANTOS, branded under the SIGNIA brand, manufactures BTE Hearing Aids ranging from the simplest basic group to the high-end hearing instruments, creating 8  performance and price levels, to meet the individual needs and requirements of each customer.