In The Ear ITE

In The Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids, are made for each client individually according to the shape of his or her ear and are inserted into the ear canal, outer ear part, or full shell. In The Ear HA can vary in size and power. The smallest In The Ear hearing instrument CIC (Completely In The Chanal) is completely inserted into the ear canal and is virtually invisible. However, if according to the hearing loss,  a person needs a more powerful device, it will usually be larger in size and fill part, half or even the entire shell of the outer ear. In addition, it should always be take in mind, that the dimensions and shape of the ITE HA are determined not only by the technical dimensions of the components of the hearing instrument, but also by the shape, characteristics and size of the individual human ear and channel.
Recently, SIGNIA also offers factory-made ready for use In The Ear Hearing Aids, which are individually tailored to the size of each person's ear canal by means of special different size super soft silicone click sleeves.


The advantage of internal hearing aids  sometimes is the cosmetic aspect and also the fact that the device is located in the ear canal and the shell, but there are no details on and behind the ear. However, it must be taken into account that the human ear is sweating and emits ear wax, and the In The Ear instrument is always directly affected by these factors. Therefore, it can be said that the ITE HA  in every day use will require more attention from the users.
ITE hearing aids, like BTEs, can be divided into seven groups according to their technical and price levels. However, the maximum power capabilities of the In The Ear devices are lower, than Behind The Ear instruments, and therefore cannot be used if the person's hearing loss is very high.   ITE  devices are more suitable for active people as they are physically located inside the ear.