A set of hearing aids can range from a few hundred Euro to a few thousand Euro, depending on your individual hearing loss, the style you choose for your lifestyle, and many other factors. There is no way to predict or to guess without seeing you for a hearing evaluation.

The prices of hearing aids, as well as their models and performance levels vary widely. For example, one basic segment hearing aid with digital sound processing can cost 180 EUR, while a high-end hearing aid can be up to ten times more expensive. It all depends on the individual's hearing loss, individual needs, desires and capabilities.
Therefore, it is unequivocal to say how much your hearing aid will cost before we know your hearing loss and have not heard of your wishes regarding hearing aids.
So, without seeing you, we can tell you how much each hearing aid model costs, but we can't tell if that particular model (for example, for 200 EUR or 800 EUR) will be right for you. 
You can find indicative prices of the offered hearing aids in the section "Products" 
In order to make it easier for people to buy hearing aids, especially higher class ones, we have signed a cooperation agreement with, which, considering your ability to repay the loan, grants a loan for the purchase of hearing aids in our company.

And remember, if hearing loss is due to a condition such as excess earwax, probably, hearing aids are not even needed.