Rechargeable hearing aids

Signia is an absolute leader in the designing and development of rechargeable hearing aids. It enables SIGNIA to offer the widest range of rechargeable Hearing Aids in the industry. Rechargeable is "Styletto" - unique in design, "Pure Charge & Go" series with receiver in the earchannal (RIC) instruments, and traditional BTE series "Motion Charge & Go",  and now also In The Ear instruments Active and Active Pro.

Rechargeable hearing aids currently use the most advanced lithium-ion batteries. It should be noted that batteries of these technologies are also used in electric cars and many other important and responsible places.
Rechargeable hearing aids have a number of advantages over disposable batteries. From the point of view of use, they are much more convenient, simply put the Hearing Aids in the charger at the evening, then the devices switch themselves off and in the morning, when You take off hearing instruments from the charger before use, the devices switch on automatically.
Because of the built-in rechargeable batteries, the enclosures are virtually airtight and thus more moisture and water resistant, what is very important on a hot summer day or during sports activities, when people are sweating excessively, or in sudden rain. They are rated with IP 68 for high resistance to moisture and dust.
With a single full charge, new batteries can run for up to 19 hours, even with active Bluetooth streaming, and that's quite enough.
The Pure Charge & GO and Motion Charge & Go use advanced technology contactless chargers, while the Styletto series charger has a built-in battery that can provide 3 full charge cycles of two hearing aids without being plugged in. So you don't have to carry wires and adapters with you for a couple of days outing.
Uncontaminated nature is also a clear benefit, and the user does not have to think about disposing of used batteries.