Signia Nx

Sound processor of the SIGNIA Nx series Hearing Aids is able to recognise and remember hearing aids wearer own voice and reduce it amplification, thereby increase listening comfort, clarity of speech and natural sound of own voice.

It is generally known, that lot of  hearing aid users do not like the sound of their own voice, when using hearing aids.
This is due to two factors: firstly, hearing aids amplify not only ambient sounds, human voices, but also the voice of the Hearing Aid wearer itself, and secondly, the use of hearing aids produces the so-called "occlusion or closed ear effect", that is, if we close our ears and talking - our voice sounds strangely - as if it sounds in our head.
The occlusion or closed-ear effect can be reduced by increasing the diameter of the venting opening in the earmould, or by selecting ''Life'' (open ear)  devices, but this can impair hearing and speech comprehension, especially in noisy environments, but the amplification of our voice in hearing aids remains.
The Signia Nx series hearing aids sound processor, thanks to industry-leading SIGNIA's Own Voice Processing (OVP) system, based on Ultra HD e2e, which provides continuous full-bandwidth audio signal exchange between both hearing aids, enables dynamic scanning and processing of all ambient human voice, and is able to recognize and memorize the hearing aid user's voice and reduce its amplification, thereby improving listening comfort and providing the natural sound of the own voice.
SIGNIA offers the widest range of Nx platform devices. Both, the traditional performance Behind The Ear Hearing Aids MOTION Nx, the stylish STYLETTO and the RIC instruments PURE Nx are available, as well as the In The Ear hearing aids INSIO Nx and SILK Nx in performance levels 1-7. In addition, all BTE models of Nx platform hearing aids are both- battery-powered and with built-in rechargeable battery. (STYLETTO-Rechargeable only)
Most models of hearing aids on the Nx platform are capable of streaming Bluetooth audio and can all be controlled (louder or quieter, switching between modes, changing the sound balance, etc.) via a dedicated remote control or smartphone.