Signia Xperience Pure X

The new generation of SIGNIA Hearing Aids ''Xperience'' is based on Signia technology platform YourSound, wich is the next behind the previous Nx platform.

The Xperience generation hearing aids are the first hearing aids in the world with built-in acoustic motion sensor, so they can adapt to any situation the hearing aid user is in ensuring sound clarity and speech perception in all conditions.

These Hearing Aids from the previous Nx series retain user speech recognition and processing (Ovn Voice Processing OVP), and direct Bluetooth streeming capabilities. Technicaly compared the Xperience and Nx sound processors-the new ones have 80% more transistors, processor memory is 7 times larger, but they are 60% smaller then previous Nx processors. Thereby Xperience generation hearing aids are smaller then theyr predecessors but far more powerful than them.

There are currently two types of the Xperience hearing aids available for sale: Pure 312 X and Pure Charge&Go X (respectlvely disposable battery powered and with built-in rechargable battery) now already in all performance levels from 1. to 7. These are all Receiver in the Canal RIC instruments.