PURE 312 AX and PURE C&G AX now available in all performance levels

SIGNIA is constantly developing new and expanding the range of existing hearing aids.
Now, RIC hearing aids with the latest sound processing processor AX are available not only rechargeable, but also powered by the already common 312 size hearing aid batteries. In addition, both types are now available in all performance levels, including 1 and 2, so the prices for these devices become more democratic.
If you compare rechargeable and battery-powered devices, devices of the same level will be exactly the same in terms of features and sound processing. Only the power source differs - built-in rechargable battery or replaceable battery. Of course, when purchasing rechargeable devices, you should expect slightly higher expenses, because the devices themselves will be a little more expensive and a charging device is also needed. However, it pays off over the years, because you don't have to buy batteries regularly, and the battery life of such hearing aids, which are rich in various functions, will be relatively short.
Battery povered HA, from an other side, You do not have to worry about charging the hearing aids. The devices are ready for work at any time.