Rechargable In The Ear Hearing Aids

SIGNIA and ReTone now also offer rechargeable In The Ear Hearing Aids: Active, Active Pro and Insio C&G AX
Active and Active Pro are factory built In The Ear Hearing aids with X (Xperience) sound processing processor. They are ready for use, individually adjusted to the shape of each user's ear canal with special silicone sleeves "Click Sleeve". Active corresponds to the 1st performance and price level, and Active Pro to the highest -7. performance level. Visually, these devices look more like modern wireless headphones than hearing aids. These devices will be great for active people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
On the other hand, Insio C&G are In The Ear devices with the latest sound processing processor AX (Augmented Xperience). These devices are custom-made for each user according to the shape of their ear chanal and are currently available in 3 performance and corresponding price levels 3; 5; and 7. These devices will also have a wider range of fitting than the Active and Active Pro.
Active, Active Pro and Insio C&G provide full wireless connectivity with your smartphone and, using the i-phone, also provide phone call reception and multimedia streaming directly to the hearing aids, as well as remote hearing aid adjustment.