A full range of rechargeable hearing aids now available

With the introduction of rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aids, a full spectrum of rechargeable hearing aids is now available. From behind-the-ear aids, including the world's first rechargeable SP (Super Power) Super Power hearing aid, to the several models of In The Ear aids.
SIGNIA and SIA ReTone now offer rechargeable MOTION X traditional form factor behind-the-ear hearing aids in three power levels M (Medium power), P (Power) and SP (Super Power) in all performance and price levels from 1 to 7. Behind-the-ear RIC (Receiver In The Ear) type PURE AX and STYLETTO AX in all performance levels from 1 to 7. The family of rechargeable hearing aids is now joined by rechargeable ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids ACTIVE - ready to use corresponds to performance level 1, ACTIVE Pro - corresponds to performance level 7, and INSIO C&G AX, which is made individually for each user according to the shape of their ear, currently available in performance levels 3 to 7.
All the above devices are "made for i-phone" and provide BT (Blue Tooth) connectivity with i-phone, i-pad and Android phones that support the ASHA BT protocol. All these models have the option of remote adjustment.