The new INTUIS 4

The new behind-the-ear hearing aids INTUIS 4 have a modern design, equipped with the latest AX platform sound processing processor and BT connectivity. Available in 3 different performance levels INTUIS 4.0 is the basic level, INTUIS 4.1 corresponds to performance level 1 and INTUIS 4.2 corresponds to level 2 respectively. Easy to adjust with the help of the SIGNIA App, supports remote adjustment. INTUIS 4 is easy to use, safe, with clean sound.
INTUIS 4.0 could be the continuation of the popular INTUIS 3 device series, but with the new AX sound processing processor and Dynamic Surround Sound Processing (DSP). INTUIS 4.1 and 4.2, on the other hand, are new AX platform performance level 1 and 2 over-the-ear devices, with DSP and BT phone connectivity.
INTUIS 4 is adaptable to any hearing loss at all performance levels, with medium power M, powerful P and Super Power SP performance available.