Outside Sales

For our customers convenience, once per month, we depart with our service to the largest Latvian cities.

Outings, exactly the same as in the main office, we have all the necessary audiometric and Hearing Aids fitting equipment for the hearing test, hearing los determination and HA fitting individuali for each customers needs.

Offered hearing aids range is practically the same as in the Riga office. 


Currently planned off-times and venues are as follows:

Saldus        19.10.2023      15.00-19.00
Liepaja       03.11.2023      10.30-19.00
Ventspils     28.09.2023      15.00-18.00

But We would like to add, that the off-times may change, so for your and our convenience-                                                                            

We would like to ask You prior arrange appointment time by phone  67276788 !!!