We have formed good cooperation with partners abroad as well with partners in Latvia.

Our main partner for long years was Hearing Aid manufacturer and supplier well known German company SIEMENS

With this partner have begun successful cooperation on basis of mutual interest. Our experts have studied and trained in the latest hearing aid models  programming and service directly to the manufacturer's plant in Germany. 

After structural changes, in the year 2015, name of new company is SIVANTOS and, after changes, SIVANTOS is a Trademark Licensee of SIEMENS AG.  including brand names SIGNIA , A&M , REXTON.

Now every year our specialists attending annual SIVANTOS Sales Academies with practical Workshops, to always be in course of novities in SIVANTOS  HA technologies and HA fitting software.


Next we would like to mention another German company EGGER, supplier of ottoplastic materials, we use in our daily work to produce different tipes of individual ear molds, shells for ITE instruments and some hearing aid care products.


Good cooperation we have established with the company PURETONE EnglandThe company supplies a variety of hearing aids  accessories and care products, as well as very specific bone conduction devices mounted in the spectacle frame or on a special Headband. Similarly, we use the proposed materials from PURETONE for individual sound monitor production.


As the next one, we would like to mention the Danish company AUDITDATA, which manufactures audiometric equipment - audiometers, timpanometers, video otoscopes and software - clinics and doctor's private practice management systems.


As next we can mention the Czech firm AUDIONIKA that delivered  for the work necessary audiologic and hearing aid testing and control equipment.


We offer our customers a high-quality American brand RAYOVAC hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries.


We also have many cooperation partners in Latvia -  mainly doctorates and other health care institutions.

If the customer comes to us with a complain about hearing los, but has not visited a specialist before, we always recomend first contact the doctor for advise. 

The second direction of cooperation is our visits to the major cities of Latvia. With the kind support of various medical institutions, we can work with our out of office sales in Liepaja, Ventspils, Daugavpils as vell as in other cities.
And lastly, our techicians, if necessery, provide support to medical treatment institutions for the profilactics, maintenance and repair of the hearin testing and diagnostic equipment.