Batteries for hearing aids and cochlear implants.


We offer different sizes of batteries for all types and models of hearing aids. Generally, four different batteries sizes are used for hearing aids. Battery sizes are indicated by numbers.

The most commonly used batteries in the Behind The Ear hearing aids are batteries No.13 and No.675, the latest BTE models also use batteries No.312, while In The Ear units No.312 and No.10.

Batteries Nr. 5 is used very rarely.


The battery life in the hearing aid depends on the model of the hearing aid, its volume adjustment and the duration of use. Different sizes of batteries have different operating times. It can be on average 5-30 days. However, it should be taken into account that a each hearing aid model is provided for a certain size battery and it is not possible to replace it with a different size battery.

We would liket to focus Your  attention to the fact that in the  hearing aids You should only use specially designed batteries fot this purpose. Rechargeable batteries and watch batteries for hearing aids are not suitable and should not be used for this purpose. 


For ecological reasons, SIVANTOS has started to manufacture several models of hearing aids in recent years, which can also use rechargeable batteries, but in this case, only offered or accepted by the manufacturer and only using original special chargers.